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The #CityActivation started in July 2012 as a #moonlightmass initiative. 
Rewarding those who cycle, the #CityActivation is our way of promoting the non motorized commuting in and around town. 

Listed bellow are the business who support this initiative, #enjoyyourcity and be safe on the road
email us your specials to and we will load you to our

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Starling & Hero | 66 Albert Road, Woodstock

Arrive at Starling & Hero Bicycle Café by bicycle and get 10% off all cycling goods and accessories,as well as everyday 10% off food and drink at the café still stands as well.

Follow them on twitter | @starlingandhero

Rhapsodys | Green Point
Half price Sushi and cocktails just come on a bicycle for the all of Sunday

Follow them on twitter | @TRUTHcoffee

Cafe Sante | Greenmarket Sqr
All Beers and 500ml Peroni on tab R20 | Pizza R50
Hunters Dray and Vatwer R15

Follow them on twitter | @cafesante_

Fire & Ice Hotel | Bree Street, Cape Town

Buy 4 local beers and get the 5th one for free bucket deal | Buy one full portion milkshake and get the second one free | Draft Beer station on the deck area aside, specifically for the riders.

Follow them on twitter | @proteahotels

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlor | 66 Albert Road,Woodstock

Rocks up with your bicycle gets take away tea for R10 and R15 for sit down.

Follow them on twitter | @Lady_Bonin


BMC | Woodstock

First 4 bicycles through the door on #CommutingFriday get a Vida è Caffe voucher

Follow them on twitter | @BMC_CapeTown

Field Office | The Fringe / Woodstock

FREE Danish with every coffee

Follow them on twitter | @The_FieldOffice

Haas | Bo Kaap

10% Off if you arrive on a bicycle

Follow them on twitter | @haascoffee

The Loading Bay | De Waterkant

5% Off Breakfast, burgers, coffee and beer

just cycle there

Myög | Kloof Street

5% off small tub with toppings if you arrive on a bicycle

Follow them on twitter | @Myog_SA

Arnolds | Kloof Street

5% off your bill, just show a helmet

Follow them on twitter | @arnoldsonkloof

Sotano | Moullie Point

R10 Coffee, your bike is your voucher

Cocoa oola | Kloof Street

5% off all Coffee, bike there to receive discount

As it is in heaven | Greenmarket Sqr
A Free Wicked Cup Cake

Follow them on twitter | @heavenscoffee

Mumbo Jumbo | Greenmarket Sqr
Jack Black Beer R25 | Darling Brews R35 | Glass Red/White R20

Follow them on twitter | @MumboJumboBar

Van Hunks | 1 Upper Union Street
Any 2 Chicken,Beef or Veg hamburgers with no topping R65
(comes with chips and onion rings)

Follow them on twitter | @VanHunks

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Bringing people together is what the #moonlightmass is all about. 
The #cityactivation is our way to get more business involved and active during the #moonlightmass night and #CommutingFriday. lets us know what specials you are offering and we will promote it to our followers. 
For more details. click hereshapeimage_33_link_0
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The next ride 24.0


21:00 | GP Circle | CT

It is with great regret that we let you all know that the #moonlightmass rides have been cancelled indefinitely. Sadly, our event permit has been withdrawn by The City of Cape Town.


#moonlightmass started humbly and simply when a group of friends got together for a fun ride under the full moon; it was never intended to have it become the biggest social ride in Africa. Since January 2012, #moonlightmass has grown from 30 riders to over 4,000 riders at times, Cape Town’s biggest monthly cycle event.

It has not been an easy journey but we worked hard to maintain a few basic principles: free, fun and social, while encouraging cycling as a means of transport. Take our word for it, keeping #moonlightmass free from branding and corporate involvement has been no small feat.

Being a solely community driven ride, #moonlightmass has faced a wide range of challenges including public safety, rider safety and traffic management. We believed that through numerous discussions we would be able to develop a partnership with the city, all the while maintaining the ethos that is #moonlightmass. Through this engagement we applied for and received an event permit and support from traffic/police officers on event days. We worked hard to educate the community on always cycling safely by using helmets, lights and obeying road rules. This process began to show positive results, having more riders using helmets and lights than ever before.


#moonlightmass changed the face of cycling in Cape Town forever.There are more bicycle shops, more bicycle rental facilities, bicycles permitted on MyCiti busses is now a reality, the Sea Point Promenade is a shared space, Cape Rail introduced bicycles on board and locking facilities at stations. #moonlightmass also managed to raise a donation of bicycles for the Camps Bay police patrols. Through #moonlightmass, #CityActivation and #CommutingFriday was introduced, giving businesses the opportunity to reward those who use bicycles as a means of transport. 

None of this would have been possible without the amazing support from all of you. We would especially like the thank: Beverly Schafer, Richard Bosman, Think Bike, Olympic Cycles, the PPA and the amazing group of paramedics that donated their time, allowing #moonlightmass to happen every month.

It has been a privilege and an honor to ride alongside all of you through the streets of Cape Town for the past 23 amazing rides. Keep cycling,and keep exploring your city. Always remember: safety first.

Daneil and Elad


update 1(09/11/2013 09:00): Our discussions with the city started in April 2012, we had many meetings with the city officials including;Anton Groenewald (Head of tourism, events and marketing), traffic officials, sport and recreation, waste management and disaster management. #moonlightmass have been receiving the help of police officers through the support of Richard Bosman (Executive Director: Safety and Security) and at no point did we refuse to meet and discuss the way forward with the city. We offered the city to own the ride as a city function subject to the few principles: FREE, FUN and SOCIAL with no ownership of a brand. without the help of Councillor Beverley Schafer and Richard Bosman we would not have been able to keep #moonlightmass going and for that we are grateful. more then anything else the biggest problem with #moonlightmass is that it does not fit in any official event box and the city is struggling to accommodate such an event outside the box.

View offical letter here.pdf

The #moonlightmass