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Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Ask any two #moonlightmass members and you will get two different answers to that question. The only thing we all agree upon is that we like cycling and want to expose the beautiful city of Cape Town to everyone.

Q: Isn't what you are doing Illegal?

A: Technically what we actually doing is riding in convoy which isn't illegal :) LIKE!

Q: Isn't riding in a mass dangerous?

A: Actually its the exact opposite!

Q: Are there any specific etiquettes I should follow?

A: Yes. We encourage to follow few simple rules:

  1. 1.We are not alone on the road, be considerate to other road users.

  2. 2.Maintain your personal space; avoiding close proximity to other bikes.

  3. 3.Be considerate of slower and faster riders around you; remember that this is a fun ride, NOT a race.

  4. 4.Be careful, signal, and let others know when you’re slowing or stopping.

  5. 5.Have fun and be kind to one another.

Q: What do I need to join?

A: Anything with a wheel and uses your own energy to move forward, and don't forget your awesome self. Working brakes and lights.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Show up! The #moonlightmass meets on the full moon each month at 21:00 under the Green Point turing circle (GPTC). Beyond that, if you have ideas to share you are invited to participate in #moonlightmass, in which everyone is invited to make flyers, stickers, zines or other printed material to share their ideas.

Q: How did it get started?

A: The brain child of Daniel Graham (@Cpt.Grimmy) and Elad Kirshenbaum (@Onekcollection).

One beautiful summers evening while sitting at Newport Deli, smoke in the one hand, cappuccino in the other, i turned to Elad and said, f*%k wouldn't it be awesome if we rode our bikes along the promenade at night when its a full moon... Elad replied: Okay, lets do it! We turned to twitter... and started as a social experiment. We tweeted about the ride, time and date, and waited patiently to see who would join us on our debut #moonlightmass. Since our first ride in January 2012 #moonlightmass has been gaining popularity and on our last ride we had over 250 riders raising awareness for cycling in the city and the safety of cyclists in the urban environment. SICK!!!

Q: What is the route?

A: #moonlightmass 1.0 started under the Green Point turning circle (GPTC) where we made our way down to the beach front promenade and meandered our way to Caprice and back, stopping at La Vie for drinks.

#moonlightmass 2.0 and still going, still starts under the GPTC and goes along Granger Bay Boulevard through the Waterfront on to the docks and out on Beach Road and into the Moullie Point Promenade up Three Anchor Bay Road left onto the Fan Mile cycle lane. We regroup at the bottom of the fan mile on Long Street and take over Long Street en mass! You cant miss us!

Q: Why is it called #moonlightmass?

A: Because we ride in mass under the moonlight, silly!

Interestingfactoid - #moonlightmass was originally called #moonlightmeander :) But, as the route evolves so did its name.

Q: How long are the rides?

A: Max 1 hourish... 12km's slowly

Q: Im a first time rider, how hard is it?

A: Most of the route is flat and very manageable. We have virgin #moonlightmass cyclists all the time! Its a fun, social and enjoyable ride.

Q: How do I know when and where these meetings occur?

A: Like us on our facebook page

Follow us on twitter @moonlightmass otherwise we're trending #moonlightmass (well at least trying)

Q: Do I need a Helmut and Safety Lights?

A: YES! helmet is the law and we ride with helmets and so should you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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